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Alli In Hospital in Santiago, Chile

sunny 24 °C

Dear All,

This will be the last entry at the moment.

Alli was admitted into a hospital in Santiago on Monday 2 April 2007 following a visit Monday morning. She suspected she had a blood clot in her left again.

Her suspicions turned out to be correct. Alli was diagnosed with a blood clot affecting her from roughly 8 inches below the knee to about the same above the knee.

As a consequence of a blood clot above the knee, the Doctor insisted on immediate admission to the hospital as there is an increased risk above the knee.

The current situation is that Alli will be in hospital for a minimum of 7 nights, with 7 further days in Santiago for treatment, monitoring and review before she can fly home.

We will be returning to Australia around 16-25 April 2007 as a best guess at the moment.

However, this may be subject to change.

If anyone wants me to pass on any messages please send them to Alli´s email and I will pass on your wishes.

Apart from boredom and the fuss factor of being in hospital, Alli is in good form, no actual pain and is looking forward to getting mobile again. She is getting a bit grumpy over the amount of blood tests, but is quite chirpy.

Before you offer too much sympathy please consider that she has a 42" plasma screen, with full cable TV and better food than I am getting (it is rather gourmet)

:-) Humour aside, she is doing well and the Chilean hospital are really looking after her (I am not kidding about the food or entertain it is pretty modern and well equipped).

If anyone has any queries, contact Alli´s email and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.



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Valdivia - Chile

sunny 23 °C

After an 8 hour (not 5 hours as stated in the Lonely Liar) we made the trip from Bariloche to Valdivia, Chile. It is defined as, "perhaps the most attractive city in Chile".

Chile must have some pretty ugly cities as this place was hardly that inspiring.

True it is not ugly, it sits on a river and there are one or two reasonable buildings (not to mention the elephant and fur seals that reside here), but Chile´s most attractive city?..... To be continued.

We spent 2 days here with not much to do other than reside and eat at a cheap restaurant called Schopdog that had the tackiest memorabilia since Fatty Arbuckles meets similar American diner. However, that is where the criticism ends.... they had awesome beer on tap and more avocado on their chicken burger than you can poke a stick at. This impressed the wife incredibly, and for Chile is a bargain.

Apart from eat and drink here, take pictures of the seals and meander around the City there was not much else to do here......

We decided to get to Santiago as quickly as we could, basically to get to a big city with big city trappings.....

Enough for now, will keep you updated.....

Jason and Alli

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Bariloche - Swiss Argentina

Cholocate Capital of South America

sunny 23 °C

We arrived in Bariloche on an overnight bus from Peninsula Valdes on 27 March after 13 hours on a ridiculously comfy bus. The 1st class seats recline close to 160 degrees plus you get food and a DVD in english. Unfortunately, and not the bus companies fault, the movie Firewall starring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany was somewhat less inspiring than the bus. CRAP comes to mind.....

We arrived fresh the next morning to be greeted by a 500 meter steep hill to our hostel with 20kg back packs and 5 kg of hand luggage. We made it but it was pretty tiring after a night on a bus!.

The town is like a little bit of Switzerland in the Andes. The town is surrounded by low Andean mountains and a beautiful lake with too many chocolate and outdoor clothing shops.

In the main square there were a couple of huge St Bernard dogs adding a little bit of extra Swiss character to the place.

The temperature is great ranging from 14-26oC most days with perfect cloudless skies all day.

Tomorrow, we are heading to the Llao Llao Hotel 25km by bus in the Andes to have afternoon tea on a lake. A splurge item that Alli is pleased to do. It comes highly recommended in Lonely Planet as a must do just for the bus ride and scenery. The limitless supply of cakes and sweet pastries is also an added bonus...... If that tickles your fancy.....

On Friday 30th March we will be getting a bus back into Chile to the river town of Valdivia (another must according to the Lonely Liar) before embarking on Santiago a couple or so days later. A point that will mark 50% into our trip.

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Peninsula Valdes

Orcas, penguins and armadillos!

sunny 27 °C

A trip across country to the east coast of Argentina again saw us arrive in Puerto Madryn. A nice, seaside town although it is a bit out of season for the hordes of summer bachgoers this time of year. It is however, the base for a visit to Peninsula Valdes.

The peninsular is home to a national park which houses some pretty spectacular land and marine wildlife. Driving out to the park we encountered guanaco, Patagonian Ostrich, sheep (the merino sheep live on pretty dry grass down here, which is why they produce some of the leanest, best quality meat to eat...the famous patagonia lamb!).

The first stop was to say hello to the magellan penguins, a seaside cliff leading down the the beach below. The penguins stand around right near the fence, you could almost touch them if the signs didn´t warn that doing so is forbidden, as they are protected. Gorgeous, they are so cute! Hundreds of them waddle about and fluff their feathers in the wind. No explanation why they have chosen this particular cliff and carprk to live, it´s apparently only a recent habitation.

Stopped next for a picnic lunch watching the elephant seals do pretty much nothing at Punta Cartor. About a dozen of them were lying like big slugs down by the water. Things got exciting when 2 big males starting making throaty growls at eachother, but they obviously couldn´t be bothered moving as it stayed at just growls and they went back to sleep again.

Afternoon saw us camped out waiting for a sighting of the Orcas (killer whales, although they are actually part of the dolphin family). One of the only places in the world where the orcas come in on the high tide and swim right in to throw themselves onto the beach to catch a meal of seal before allowing the tide to wash them back out into the water, still chomping away on a seal. We were very lucky that there were 2 orcas cruising the coastline whilst we were there and plenty of seals lolling about as easy targets on the shore. Unfortunately for us (or fortunately if you were one of the seals!) the orcas must not have been overly hungry that day as neither of them felt inclined to come in for a dramatic feed. Paling into less excitement while everyone was so orca focused, we had a couple of armadillos running about and also 2 grey foxes. Surprisingly tame, both seemed keen on turning on the charm for visitors in the hope of a scrap of touristy food.

Long but very rewarding day, about 12 hours on the road but thoroughly worthwhile for all the interesting wildlife we encountered.

Over to Bariloche next, so our next blog will be from the chocolate capital of the Argentine Lake District....yum!!

Alli and Jason

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Perito Moreno Glacier

What a big piece of ice!!!

all seasons in one day 15 °C

El Calafate is the Town in Argentine Patagonia where you base yourself to go and see the glacier on every traveller´s itinerary....the Moreno Glacier.

Some interesting facts: the glacier is 257 square kms in size, with a span of about 5km at the front and ranging from 55m to 70m in height above the water. It grows about 40cm each day on the edges and even more in the middle apparently.

We have taken some really cool photos of this glacier, and our other travels so far, which Jason is in the process of trying to upload to a new yahoo-linked website (we´ll provide details when it´s set up so you can see them).

The glacier is awesome, there are a series of boardwalks you take to get as close as is safe to the glacier....not too close though, you should see the size of the chunks of ice regularly cracking and falling off into the water! The sounds are amazing, really loud and the size of the waves in the water below is an indication of just how huge the ice chunks falling off really are. The first hour we were there was sunny, and the glacier looks pristine white. Unfortunately grey skies and showers set in after that, although the change in the colours of the glacier was impressive as it looked much bluer without the sun on it.

Not much else to write about El Calafate town itself, quite cute and touristy but fairly small and really just the base for glacier viewing.

Alli and Jason

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